VXi Passport 21P DC Corded Headset

VXi Passport 21P DC Corded Headset

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Product Description

Passport 21P DC corded headset(Direct Connect) Plantronics appropriate Binaural headset with VXi P-series quick remove. VXi passport 21P DC single-wire corded headset features the confirmed sound quality and durability of the Vxi passport 21P corded series headsets, with a lightweight design that is perfect for round the cloak use, VXi Passport 21P DC corded headset work VXI P-Series Immediate Hook up wire. VXi Passport 21P DC headset use the same impact-resistant unpleasant used in sports equipment to hold up against the attention of the all day.

To ensure easy integration with your current equipment, VXi Passport 21P Series corded headsets are available with VXi, Plantronics and GN Netcom/Jabra-compatible quick disconnect styles. For phones with built-in headset ports, direct connect versions are also available.

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