Plantronics BACKBEAT GO 3

Plantronics BACKBEAT GO 3

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Product Description

If you are looking for quality headsets which can last on long term basis, Plantronics is one reputed brand that you should look forward to. The backbeat go 3 is one of the economically priced ear buds. It is light weighted and carries amazing sound quality.

It allows you to listen to your calls and favorite playlists without any distortion problems. When a user is listening to music, he would not prefer to sit in one placed due to a corded hearing device. The backbeat Go 3 is wireless and allows you to perform key functions from your ear bud without touching your phone. The device has buttons for volume adjustment and allows users to activate virtual assistants like Siri without touching the phone.

Even when this device has so many features, it does not require the users to empty their pockets in any manner. If you are enjoying your favorite music and there is an incoming call, you can easily attend the call and get back to music without looking at your phone. When you talk about ear buds, comfort is an important concern for users. The speakers of Plantronics Backbeat Go 3 have a very comfortable grip and soft rubber padding. While listening to your favorite music, you do not have to worry about the wireless ear buds coming out.

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