Plantronics 92382-01 MS200 Commercial Aviation Headset

Plantronics 92382-01 MS200 Commercial Aviation Headset

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Product Description

The Plantronics MS200 commercial aviation headset combines a unique lightweight and the noise-canceling microphone enables clear, uninterrupted communications between air and ground. Its compact, under-the-ear design ensures a secure, comfortable fit for extended wear, yet is convenient to carry and stow.

MS200 Features:

1: Clear voice transmission between commercial pilots and air traffic control. 2: Hear and be heard with superior audio quality and noise-canceling microphone. 3: Comfortable enough to wear all day—on long hauls or short hops. 4: Ultra lightweight, in-ear design. 5: Single ear piece facilitates pilot/co-pilot communications. 6: Conveniently portable and easily stowed due to compact design. 7: FAA approved.

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