Plantronics 78887-01 RD-1

Plantronics 78887-01 RD-1

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Product Description

The Plantronics RD-1 POD is designed for use with cell phones that also assistance local �load detect� (LD) ear cell phones hookswitch (EHS) management and works with Plantronics CS50, CS55, CS70N, and Traveling 510S, CS351 wifi ear cell phones families**. Once connected, the RD-1 POD will send a ring aware indication to the ear cell phones at any time the phone jewelry, anywhere within a headset�s wifi range. LD hookswitch management, for cell phones that assistance it, enables on/off-hook functions directly from the ear cell phones using the headset�s Call Control button so calls can be responded to and finished slightly from the ear cell phones.

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