Jabra GN9350e Wireless Headset with GN1000 RHL

Jabra GN9350e Wireless Headset with GN1000 RHL

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Product Description

Jabra/GN 9350e Wireless Office Headset + GN1000 Handset Lifter for office phone and IP Telephony (USB). The GN9350e is the industry’s only wireless office headset to offer full convergence between traditional and IP telephony, true wideband audio performance (6.8 kHz wideband sound in IP mode) and incorporate Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology, ensuring superior sound quality. It operates on the 1.9 GHz frequency, making it Wi-Fi friendly, and provides a user selectable range of up to 350 feet!. The GN 9350e also offers a noise-canceling microphone and digital security encryption, providing clarity and security for users to take calls from virtually anywhere in the office.

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